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Tighten, smooth and brighten!
Using all natural flower grains of either tea tree, rose or lavender, this treatment infuses the skin with phytonutrients, gently removes surface cells and brightens pigmentation while performing a detoxifying lymphatic drainage. Includes blackhead removal, lymphatic face massage and custom masks.


60min 120. 
Add ons available!                                                          

Holistic Consulting


Get to the root of your skin problems!
Recommended for those suffering from recurring and stubborn skin ailments or those battling aging.  I specialize in holistic coaching, taking in to consideration diet, overall health, current product usage and other factors that may be affecting the skin. This is a comprehensive treatment plan, with supplement and dietary recommendations as well as a skin care regimen.

Book an appointment for your personalized regimen catering to your lifestyle and budget!

first visit** 30min  50.

dōTERRA Consulting

Learn about the healing powers of essential oils and how they can improve your health! Get personalized recommendations and purchase custom made blends! 

Dermalogica's BioActive Peel

This is a 4 step salicylic acid, enzyme & lactic/TCA peel meant to target deeper layers of skin for more dramatic results with minimal downtime. (Not suitable for most first time clients- start with a Chemical Resurfacing Peel treatment or Custom 60 minute.)


Dermalogica's IonActive Treatment 

Includes a Chemical Resurfacing Peel and an infusion of one of four active ingredients with ultrasonic current and heating or cooling gelloid with facial massage:

Choose from:

1% retinol for anti-aging,

niacinamide for acne,

hyaluronic acid for moisture

oligopeptide to target pigmentation.



These treatments are available exclusively through Dermalogica certified Expert Skin Therapists