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Jacquelyn has been a Dermalogica certified, state licensed aesthetician for over 7 years. Beginning her career at ULTA she gained incredible experience working with a high volume of clients. Jacquelyn has a deep healing intuition, a passion for holistic solutions and an extensive knowledge of cosmetic chemistry.


She takes a unique approach to treating acne, aging and other skin concerns by providing in depth and personalized consultations taking into account each clients diet, lifestyle, product usage and other health concerns. Holistic coaching is her passion. 


By developing a multi-pronged approach she has been able to help hundreds of clients achieve their skin care goals. Jacquelyn is also a dōTERRA wellness advocate, expertly incorporating essential oils into her treatments and holistic solutions.

Also specializing in eyebrow design and facial waxing, Jacquelyn has a passion for helping clients achieve perfect symmetry.

Philosophy & Mission Statement

I believe that good skin starts on the inside.

My approach is not that of traditional aesthetics but rather with a basis of holistic and basic TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) that is of the premise that what is happening inside the body is represented on parts of the face, tongue or other areas of the body. Over the years I’ve come to see the nuances and patterns in clients skin partially based on this technique and I’ve seen first hand how astonishingly accurate this school of thought is. This helps me determine root cause based on the individuals lifestyle, diet and health history not just on product usage or the philosophy of traditional dermatology in which an rx is the only answer.

Dermatologists often fail to fully address patients acne by neglecting to consider root causes.  Rarely if ever will they even bother to ask about diet or connect skin issues with medical issues.

My belief is that acne and other skin ailments are not genetic nor do they fall out of the sky for no reason. There is ALWAYS a cause and always a solution. The root cause is different for everybody and the key to treatment is uncovering it. I believe it is possible for everyone to have beautiful healthy skin if they are willing to take their healing and health into their own hands. My passion is helping people do that!

My specialty lies in clinical treatments and holistic skin consulting so I prefer to keep my offerings limited to skin treatments and brow shaping so if you are looking for body waxing or other spa services I may not be a good fit for you as I have many faces to save! XOXO Hope to see you soon!



Chemical Peels 


Specializing in the Treatment of Acne and Aging

Holistic Consulting / Coaching

dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

GrandeLash Retailer 

Dermalogica Retailer

Image Skincare Retailer

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